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Portable Translator 30+ Languages

Do you Love to Travel but Struggle with Languages?  Work with Foreign Customers or Suppliers? This smart Portable Translator is a voice translator, a real-time speech interactive translator that can...

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Smallest Mini HD Camera

Our Mini HD Camera is the smallest camera that can easily be concealed or hidden anywhere in your home or office. The Mini HD 1080P Camera, night vision will automatically...

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Premium 4K Output Type C USB 3.0 HUB All in One

Premium 4K Output Type C USB 3.0 HUB All in One USB C HUB Multiport Adapter 3.0 Type C Dock Station with 4K HDMI, SD Card Reader, PD Charger Port,...

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Personal Laser Engraver / Carver

Engrave any design you can think of... anytime you want... anywhere you want. The Personal Laser Engraver is a Do-It-Yourself Laser Engraver high precision and high stability, that makes it amazingly easy...

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